"What am I going to look like?" 

Each of our board members went searching for real life unilateral and bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction photos and came up short... like, way short. It's one of the fundamental reasons each of us began advocating and came together to create Flat Closure NOW! We had our overactive imaginations to visualize the medical aspects of the surgery - what we REALLY wanted to see was the actual mastectomy patient and their quality of life after flat closure.

 Every mastectomy patient shown below has graciously offered their going flat photos to the world with the hope that it may help fellow patients
in making the best choice for them.

Tip: Show these photos to your surgeon!

Submit photos to the flat closure photo gallery by downloading & filling out this form, then emailing it - along with your photo(s) - to: flatclosurenow@gmail.com
Submit photos to the flat closure photo gallery by emailing: flatclosurenow@gmail.com
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