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Flat Closure Now nonprofit organization for breast cancer and mastectomy patients in need of mastectomy pictures, patient stories, support and education on aesthetic flat closure, explant breast implants, and going flat.

"What am I going to look like?" 

One resource that continues to be vital for patients going flat and their medical team, are actual aesthetic flat closure photos. 


Each of our board members went looking for them as we wondered "what does going flat look like?" What we found was cold, operating room photos of incisions or photos of women wearing breast prosthesis. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly what we were picturing.

Again, we wondered...

"What is a flat closure patients' quality of life like after mastectomy?"

"When the flat closure incision is healed, what will the scar look like?


"How do I dress my body after an aesthetic flat closure?"

That is why it is part of Flat Closure Now's mission to create and curate these going flat after mastectomy pictures that were so needed when we were making decisions about our own mastectomies! We hope to spotlight the beauty in the aesthetic flat closure choice.


We are so proud and grateful for every BADASS breast cancer thriver, previvor and flat advocate you see below; every mastectomy photo is graciously offered for patients to download & use as a surgical resource!


Tip: Show these photos to your surgeon!

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