"going flat" PhotoS

The women pictured in this gallery are the bravest of the brave. Survivors and previvors who have made the best decision for their bodies and their lives; despite how society may view them. They are living flat and loving it, and offer their photos to you as a resource!

Tip: Show these photos to your surgeon!

To submit photos to the gallery, please email us at: flatclosurenow@gmail.com

"There is a commonality of isolation and painful reassessment which is shared by all women with breast cancer, whether this commonality is recognized or not. It is not my intention to judge the woman who has chosen the path of prosthesis, of silence and invisibility, the woman who wishes to be 'the same as before.' She has survived on another kind of courage, and she is not alone. Each of us struggles daily with the pressures of conformity and the loneliness of difference from which those choices seem to offer escape. I only know that those choices do not work for me, nor for other women who, not without fear, have survived cancer by scrutinizing its meaning within our lives, and by attempting to integrate this crisis into useful strengths for change."

~ Audre Lorde (The Cancer Journals, 1980)

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