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We've been there, so we know that when it comes to having a mastectomy the amount of information can be overwhelming and the patient may be under pressure to quickly make a decision about which breast reconstruction option to choose. 


We hope to make this process a little bit less stressful for our fellow mastectomy patients by providing some of our favorite trusted resources

as a starting point and a reference tool to show the surgeon performing your mastectomy!

Wildfire Magazine ••• Why I Stayed Flat After Breast Cancer ••• Why I Opted to Not Reconstruct My Breasts After Mastectomy ••• This Woman’s Mermaid Halloween Costume Puts Her Mastectomy Scar on Full Display ••• Living Flat is Freedom ••• 'Going Flat' After Breast Cancer ••• (Girl) Power in Numbers ••• Why More Breast Cancer Survivors Are Going Flat ••• Curvy Couture Raises Breast Cancer Awareness ••• Why I Went Flat ••• Why More Breast Cancer Survivors Are Going Flat ••• How I Learned to Love My Body After Double Mastectomy ••• July's Gorgeous Woman is Dianne Russell ••• Choosing to Stay Flat ••• Beauty Out of Damage ••• Flat Tops ••• The Women Who Showed Their Breast Cancer Scars ••• FLAT: Reclaiming My Body From Breast Cancer ••• Wildfire Magazine ••• To Have or Have Not: Breast Reconstruction and "Going Flat" ••• Breast Cancer NYFW Show ••• Women Bare Mastectomy Scars ••• Women 'Go Flat' After Mastectomy ••• A Matter of Choice: Mastectomies Without Reconstruction ••• Mother of Three Embraces Her Flat Chest After Mastectomy   ••• Badass Breast Cancer Survivors Embracing the Beauty of 'Going Flat'  ••• You're Still You After Cancer: Chiara D'Agostino's Story ••• Going Flat: Saying No to Breast Reconstruction ••• These Sexy Mastectomy Patches Are For Women Who 'Go Flat' After Breast Cancer ••• Andro/Gyne  ••• Going Flat After Mastectomy ••• Managing Patients Expectations Key for Mastectomy without Reconstruction

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