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Flat Closure Now nonprofit organization for breast cancer and mastectomy patients in need of mastectomy pictures, patient stories, support and education on aesthetic flat closure, explant breast implants, and going flat.

Flat Closure Resources

• Are you trying to decide which mastectomy reconstruction option to choose?
• Have you already chosen to go flat?

• Perhaps don't have any other options other than a flat closure right now?

• Are you or your partner curious what an aesthetic flat closure looks like?

you're in the right place ♥

Below you'll see some fantastic aesthetic flat closure resources from around the world 🌎 Honest, raw, courageous patient stories, flattie owned businesses and nonprofits, flat closure art, photography and media projects you can follow and support, medical studies and literature on going flat, and of course - perhaps the most important tool of all... support groups! 

Going flat: Breast cancer survivors advocate ‘normal, beautiful’ option  ••• "Flat is Beautiful" - Cancer Wellness ••• Wildfire Magazine ••• Why I Stayed Flat After Breast Cancer ••• Why I Opted to Not Reconstruct My Breasts After Mastectomy ••• This Woman’s Mermaid Halloween Costume Puts Her Mastectomy Scar on Full Display ••• Living Flat is Freedom ••• 'Going Flat' After Breast Cancer ••• (Girl) Power in Numbers ••• Why More Breast Cancer Survivors Are Going Flat ••• Why I Went Flat ••• Why More Breast Cancer Survivors Are Going Flat ••• How I Learned to Love My Body After Double Mastectomy ••• July's Gorgeous Woman is Dianne Russell ••• Choosing to Stay Flat ••• Beauty Out of Damage ••• Flat Tops ••• The Women Who Showed Their Breast Cancer Scars ••• FLAT: Reclaiming My Body From Breast Cancer ••• Wildfire Magazine ••• To Have or Have Not: Breast Reconstruction and "Going Flat" ••• Breast Cancer NYFW Show ••• Women Bare Mastectomy Scars ••• Women 'Go Flat' After Mastectomy ••• A Matter of Choice: Mastectomies Without Reconstruction ••• Mother of Three Embraces Her Flat Chest After Mastectomy   ••• Badass Breast Cancer Survivors Embracing the Beauty of 'Going Flat'  ••• You're Still You After Cancer: Chiara D'Agostino's Story ••• Going Flat: Saying No to Breast Reconstruction ••• These Sexy Mastectomy Patches Are For Women Who 'Go Flat' After Breast Cancer ••• Andro/Gyne  ••• Going Flat After Mastectomy ••• Patient Experience: Aesthetic Flat Closure ••• Aesthetic Flat Closure: One Woman's Journey ••• Sewing After Unilateral Mastectomy •••
Transformation is a Process ••• Flat and Happy: Mastectomy and Flat Closure - A Personal, Practical Guide ••• Igniting the Fire Within: Stories of Healing, Hope & Humor 

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Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes ••• Plattnormen ••• Angel in Disguise ••• Young Survival Coalition ••• Breast Cancer Action   •••  Not Putting on a Shirt  •••  METAvivor ••• The Breast of Us ••• Tiger Lily Foundation ••• Living Beyond Breast Cancer ••• Haus of Volta  ••• Breast Cancer Canda

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Support Groups


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