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Share Your Story to Flat

Sondra Price - President, Flat Closure NOW - as photographed by Charise Isis of The Grace Project

"Stories have a way of connecting human beings - and many of us are fortunate enough to have many chapters to tell.  No matter how young or old, rich or poor we are, our lives are filled with details of challenges and triumphs and world views and passion.

Traditions of passing of on the shared human experience may vary widely, but the central purpose remains - and that is connection, communication and preservation.  And no matter the format, shared stories have the ability and power to evoke deep emotion and healing within the listener AND the storyteller.

It gives people permission to be heard, seen, connected and the ability to know that they matter by engaging readers, involving them, and giving them more than what they started with.  And it gives the storyteller a chance to be truly vulnerable.

We hope that by sharing your story you strengthen your relationships and nurture communication.

Within in us all lies:


Passion - deep emotion, passionate experiences and deep convictions

Perspective - unique perspective for others to listens and gain something from your authentic experiences

Power - inner strength in nourished by a feelings of belonging and worthiness

Permission - your story will grant others permission to be exactly who they are, to feel what they feel, to hurt, to grieve and to stand in their own power and light

Flat Closure Now nonprofit organization for breast cancer and mastectomy patients in need of mastectomy pictures, patient stories, support and education on aesthetic flat closure, explant breast implants, and going flat.
Share Your Flat Story

Thanks for sharing! You are so appreciated! Our team will be in touch with you soon ♥

- Sondra Price, President, FCN

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