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The Flattie Fund

We’re so grateful to be able to
support and encourage

you through your personal journey to healing ♥

Flat Closure NOW is excited to announce our new "Flattie FUNd" program! Providing FUNds to our flat friends is something near and dear to our hearts and our mission; but this is truly in honor of YOU.

Flattie funds could be used for:

Jeans Outfit

A New Outfit,

Minibus on the Road

Travel to a
Flattie Event!

Music Concert

Date Night for

Aromatherapy Massage

Get Relaxed
at the Spa


Fuel Your
Roadtrip Ride

Bag of Groceries

Stock that

Shoulder Tattoo

A New Tattoo,

Hair Stylist

Get Your
Hair Done

Those Damn
Medical Bills

Apply NOW

Thanks for applying! You will be contacted if you're selected as a FUNd recipient! Good luck ♥

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