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It's My Breasts or Nothing

After Melanie Testa was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided against reconstructive surgery. Now, four years later, she has dedicated herself to proudly showing off her chest to the world.

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Realm of Realities

Guest: Emily Hopper

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The CanSurvivor Podcast

EMPOWERHAUS with Emily Hopper | EP. 10
The CanSurvior Podcast with Kelsey Smith

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Dispelling Beauty Myths: Mastectomy

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Today Show

Meet 3 women who decided against breast reconstruction after mastectomies

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I am Whole

I am Whole is a short documentary about an artist who defied the odds of this terrible disease. Her journey is remarkable, her spirit is uncrushable, and her artwork directly reflects every aspect of her journey with cancer, and her forever present recovery.

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Mouth Off Network Podcast

Emily and I talked a lot about the challenges of navigating a breast cancer diagnosis with young children, as well as the recent publicity surrounding the flat community

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Unapologetic Awareness

We first came across Emily Hopper on Instagram and absolutely loved the edginess we saw in her posts. With sayings like “Flat AF” (as f*ck), “Cancer Killing Goddess”, and “Check Your Boobs, Mine Tried to Kill Me” splayed across t-shirts, mugs and more, Emily is the creator of apparel that is definitely not pink. While it was her powerful statements that originally caught our eye, it’s Emily’s perseverance and positivity that have simply left us in awe of this incredible 32-year-old breast cancer thriver.

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Going Flat:  Why I Refused Breast Reconstruction

A series of striking images of women who have had double mastectomies has been featured in a US newspaper. Rebecca Pine was one of the women. She spoke to BBC Outside Source. Photos courtesy Miana Jun.

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Di on CBC Listen

Di's CBC Radio interview about going flat and heading to the 2018 Ana Ono Fashion Show (segment starts at 1:25)

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Kim Bowles on Brut.

Breast Cancer Survivor's Decision Ignored By Doctor

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Kim Bowles & Catherine Guthrie on the Today Show

Breast cancer patient Kim Bowles says she told her doctor she wanted to “go flat,” or opt out of breast reconstruction, following her double mastectomy. However, Bowles says that when she awoke from surgery, her doctor left skin in case she changed her mind. 

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WFPL New Louisville

Louisville native Catherine Guthrie had written about breast cancer as a health journalist. But that didn't prepare her for her own diagnosis. 

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Charise Isis Helps Breast Cancer Survivors

Charise Isis started The Grace Project in hopes of empowering women who’ve received mastectomies as a result of breast cancer. In a special Pink Power segment, Megyn Kelly takes a look at the portrait photography making cancer fighters and survivors feel inspired.

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Flat: How One Woman Reclaimed Her Body From Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer Survivor Photographed

Hear from a beautiful breast cancer survivor about what is was like to be photographed by Boudoir Photographer and Breast Cancer Survivor, Jen Rozenbaum.

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Unapologetically 40 - Madame President, Shay Sharpe

Breast cancer at age 26 & 36. Both breasts removed 1 week before my 27th birthday. 60 pound weight gain after my 2nd breast diagnosis. 1000's of doctor appointments. Over 140,000 pills consumed. 14 weeks of daily radiation. All leading to countless side effects, scars, burns and reasons not to feel sexy.

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It's a Special Night

Melissa Jansen has a SPECIAL date....

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Embracing Mastectomy Scars

Breast cancer impacts 2.1 million women each year.  Dove celebrates the beauty and strength of these women.

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Flat IS

Where It Is At

A podcast for and about 'Flatties'.

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Flat Closure NOW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring understanding that “going flat” is a valid, beautiful, healthy surgical option after mastectomy.

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