We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization shining a spotlight on aesthetic flat closure. We create & share education and information on all things going flat; from patient tools and resources, to mastectomy photos and community support. We advocate through visual & social media campaigns with breast cancer awareness, self-love and wellness in mind. Our goal is to support fellow flat closure patients before, during and after their surgery.

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Small Strokes

we aim to...

Create and curate inclusive going flat after mastectomy pictures; capturing the beauty of aesthetic flat closure & the self-love and positives of this choice

Support flat closure mastectomy patients needs before, during and after going flat; through community, resources & education and breast cancer awareness and advocacy

Illuminate the many incredible stories, projects and perspectives of aesthetic flat closure patients


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Flat Closure Now nonprofit organization for breast cancer and mastectomy patients in need of mastectomy pictures, patient stories, support and education on aesthetic flat closure, explant breast implants, and going flat.

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Flat Closure NOW is a charity organization created by mastectomy patients. Our mission is to provide those going flat or having an aesthetic flat closure due to breast cancer, a prophylactic mastectomy or are explanting breast implants due to breast implant illness to have access to the photos and information they need.
Don't Give a Tit Tuesday! #DGATT
Don't Give a Tit Tuesday! #DGATT
Sep 28, 12:00 AM